From 9th – 13th February 2008, grand celebrations were organised on to mark the second anniversary of the consecration of the deities of Shri Hari Mandir within Sandipani Vidyaniketan. Various medical camps, and religious, spiritual and cultural programmes were arranged on this occasion. Shri Arunbhai and Divyaben Lodhia of Arusha, Tanzania were the chief host of this Patotsav.

Hanumant Yagya and pujan
A five day panch kundiya Hanumant yagya was performed during the event. The main yajmaan being Shri Arunbhai and Divyaben Lodhia did the seva of Shri Lakshmi Narayan. The other yajmans were Shri Bajarangilal Taparia and family, Shri Ajay and Neelam Periwal, Shri Sanjaybhai and Surekhaben Suchak, Shri Ramnikbhai Sanghani, Shri Ashokbhai and Leenaben Mehta and Shri Arvindbhai Patel for Shri Balram Patel. Shastri Shri Mukeshchandra Atri of Porbandar supervised the rituals of the yagya.

Literary Session
In the mornings, inspiring lectures were delivered by various renowned Gujarati authors and columnists. On the first day, Shri Bhandevji addressed the audience with his enlightening lecture on Rishi Patanjali, the scientist of yoga vidya, while Shri Narottambhai Palan delivered an informative speech on Gorakhnath and Saurashtra.

On the second day, Shri Narottambhai Palan and Shri Saurabhbhai Shah addressed the audience with their thought provoking lectures.

On the final day, Shri Dinkarbhai Joshi delivered a scholarly lecture on Kabir, the harbinger of the limitless (Anahadna Udgoshak: Kabir).

Spiritual Session
In the evenings, Shri Girirajji Shastri, Vadodara gave a discourse on Gopi Geet from the Shirmad Bhagavat. The audience listened enthralled to the beautiful interpretations of the Gopi Geet on all the days.

Cultural Session
In the nights of all 5 days cultural programs were held. On the first day students from Arya Kanya Gurukul, Porbandar gave a startling performance by enacting the play, ‘Madhav kyan nathi Madhuvan maa’..

The second day students of Sandipani Rishikul and Gurukul gave their performances; plays, instrumental concert, debates, dance and song.

On the third day, Shri Dhirubhai Sakhaiya had the audience bursting in laughter in his Haasya Darbar.

On the fourth day, The Chhabri Brothers gave a wonderful performance of Sufi bhajans and Kavvali.

On the fifth day, the Taparia family gave a bhajan performance.

On the 10th of February, Annakut was celebrated. Various namkeens and mithai were cooked and Prasad was distributed to all. Since more devotees come during the Patotsav, this year the Annakut was celebrated not at Diwali but during the Patotsav.

The Sandipani Gaurav Award Ceremony
The Sandipani Gaurav Award Ceremony was held on 12th February in the evening and the Brahmarshi, Rajarshi and Devarshi awards were presented to the selected eminent people. The Brahmarshi award was presented to Shri Keshavlal Mehta from Rajkot.

The Devarshi award was presented to Pujya Swami Muktanandji Maharaj from Brahmananddham, Chaparda. The Rajarshi award was presented to Shri Nenshibhai Shah, Chairman, Euro Group of Industries, Mumbai.

On this occasion Pujya Sacchidanandji Maharaj, Dantali, near Nadiad in his speech said, that the society must not fail to award the people who deserve it. However it must be remembered that one must take time to give an award after making sure the recipient of the award is worthy whilst justice must never be delayed and a criminal must be sentenced at the earliest.

Medical Camps
Several medical camps were held on the occasion between 9th and 13th February this year.

1. The Urology Camp:
This camp involved the treatment of conditions like inflammation of the kidney and kidney stones, just to name a few. A total of 204 patients were treated in this camp. The camp was inaugurated by Shri Gautambhai

Oza on 9th February 2008 at the Lions Hospital, Porbandar. Renowned specialists of Rajkot including the urologists Dr. Vivekbhai Joshi (MS, MCh, DNB) and Dr. Chetanbhai Gokani (MS, MCh) and Nephrologist Dr.Sanjaybhai Pandya (MD, DNB) provided their honorary services. This camp was sponsored by Ms. Prit Hathi, London.

2. Diabetes and Endocrinology Camp:
This camp was also organised at the Lions hospital on 9th February. 82 patients were treated for diabetes, obesity, short stature, thyroid and menopause. Dr. Vivekbhai Arya (MD, DM), a specialist from Ahmedabad provided his honorary services. This camp was sponsored by Ms. Elaben Kotecha, London.

3. The Congenital Oral Defects Camp:
On 10th February, Pujya Bhaishri inaugurated this camp at Lions Hospital in the presence of the leading dignitaries: Dr. Virambhai Godhania of UK, the ex-international Chairman of the Jain Social Group Mr. Sureshbhai Kothari, the Managing Trustee Mr. Madhusudanbhai Mehta, Ms. Pooja Taparia from Mumbai and other doctors.

16 patients were intensively examined for oral defects like cut lips and congenital defects of the palate, the mouth, and the face by Dr. Shyambhai Sheth (MDS), a specialist from Ahmedabad. Out of these, 9 patients were referred to the GICCRI of Ahmedabad for surgery. The patients have been booked on specific dates for their surgeries which will be done free of charge. This camp was sponsored by Mr. Thakorebhai and Mrs. Neeruben Desai, USA.

4. The General Examination Camp:
This camp was also inaugurated by Pujya Bhaishri on 10th February. 307 patients were treated by various doctors and physicians within their specialities. This camp was sponsored by Mr. Pankajbhai and Mrs. Radhikaben Oswal, Australia.

In addition, during the camp, 6 patients were operated for cataracts and intra-ocular implants (IOL). These surgeries were sponsored by Mrs. Krishnaben Shashankbhai Patel, Detroit, USA, daughter of Mr. Ashwinbhai Morjaria, office administrator of Sandipani Vidyaniketan.

5. Dental Camp:
The Dental camp offered services from 9th February to 13th February 2008. Reputed dentists Dr. Harshadbhai Joshi and Dr. Vikasbhai Agrawal of Shri Ayurved Dental Research Seva Charitable Trust, Gauridad, District Rajkot, provided their honorary services of assessing and treating 131 patients. This camp was sponsored by Family of Late Shri Rameshbhai Acharya, UK.

6. Pharmacy Services at Sandipani
During this auspicious occasion, a medical dispensary was set up on the campus of Sandipani. Dr. R.H. Kudla provided medical services, i.e. medication for the treatment of 90 patients.

All the above medical camps were organised by Dr. Bharatbhai Gadhavi.

On the last day, 13th February, pujan and abhishek of the utsav murtis and the main murtis was performed with grandeur amongst Veda chanting, drums and shank naad. All the manorathis performed pujan and abhishek on the utsav murtis after which Pujya Bhaishri performed abhishek on all the main murtis. It was a divine experience for all who were present.

Purnahuti of the yagya was also performed after the main puja in the Mandir.

Darshan then opened at 4 pm on 13th February and all the deities were looking beautiful. Here are some pictures.

All in all this event which included both satkarma and satsang was a huge success.

Many devotees from all over the world including, Smt. Kokilaben Ambani, Shri Tansukhbhai Ganatra and family, who were the mukhya manorathi of Shri Hari Mandir, Shri Hasubhai Shah, Shri Naranjibhai Patel and others joined the Patotsav celebrations this year. Many saints including Pujya Sacchidanandji Maharaj, Pujya Devprasadji Bapu of Jamnagar, Pujya Hansdasji Maharaj of Haridwar, Shri Vasantraiji Maharaj, Porbandar, Pujya Ajasranandji Maharaj, Shri Hariprakashji Swami, Swaminarayan Gurukul, Porbandar, Shri Bhajanprakashanandji, Ranavav also graced the occasion and blessed everyone.

The team of the trustees, teachers, associates and Rishikumars meticulously handled all the arrangements to make the event a great success. Pujya Bhaishri acknowledged their contribution in his concluding speech on the final day and conveyed his blessings to all of them. He also sang one of his favourite bhajan “Dradha ina charanan kero” by Soordasji on the occasion.

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