To have spiritual progress in one’s life, it is necessary to have taken Diksha (initiation)? Does this imply that one without initiation has no spiritual progress? How does one ask for or receive initiation?

The Guru-disciple relationship should be understood rather than be expressed.
Guru bin bhavanidhi tarahi na koi Jo biranchi Shankar sam hoi

Not even Lord Brahma and Lord Shiv can swim through this sea of worldly existence without the help of a Sadguru, or true preceptor. One who inspires you by one’s presence or sermons to walk on the path of spiritual progress and brings out your love for God, is the right preceptor for you. There is nothing wrong in approaching such a person and requesting him or her to ordain you spiritually. If you are considered worthy, you shall be initiated. But if that is not possible, you may take the path of self-initiation as taken by the great saint Kabir and the legendary archer Eklavya. As long as you keep the faith, you will continue to surge ahead in your spiritual quest.

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