Today’s youngsters are not interested in satsang. What can we parents do?

Make the environment of your home such that sanskaars (values) are easily sown in your children.  Start when the children are young.  Don’t force anything upon them.  Set an example by practising yourself what you want your children to do.  Children are great imitators.  While you are performing aarati, ask your children to join you.  Children are so innocent and open that they will automatically follow you in all that you do.  Make the environment of your home rich in culture and knowledge.  Keep good books and good cassettes which your children will read and listen to.

Do not expect your children to spend as much time in puja and satsang.  Their priorities are different, more so as they grow older.  Their studies is their worship.  It is sufficient that they bow before God and their parents and respect them.

If sanskaars are foisted upon them, they will not really imbibe them.  Instead, be friends with your children and teach them with love.

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