Truth, the path to eternity, not happiness – Day 4 Saputara

Truth does not mean the path of peace. It means the path to eternity. One who desires happiness and peace cannot marry Truth even in error. This is because the path of Truth is such a prime royal road in which there are thorns of protests and barriers at every step.

Understand one more thing, consider the path of Truth closed for those who expect fame and respect. This is because the traveller on the path of Truth faces insults and sarcasm. One travelling on the path of Dharma must not get upset with such outcomes.

A true traveller on the path of truth is one who has learnt how to drink poison like Mirabai and live in bitterness like Kabir. Such a person certainly attains eternity. Thus, the path to eternity is known as Truth.

In Mahabharat, Lord Krishna explains to Yudhishthir, “Yudhishthir, speaking and implementing that truth which boosts unrighteousness, injustice and inauspiciousness is of no use.”

Lord Krishna says, “Sarva bhūte hita proktāṁ”, meaning, truth is speaking that which is in the welfare of all.

On day 4 of Saputara Katha, Pujya Shri Bhramaswarup Bhramachariji from Haridwar and Shri Bhagyesh Jha addressed the audience.

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