We youngsters of today are more exposed to western culture and tend to get influenced by it. There are a lot of temptations around us. We feel confused and messed up. How should we balance our lives? And what should be our guidelines?

There are many good points and a few bad points in both the western as well as the Indian culture. If one utilizes one’s discretionary powers wisely he can combine the good points of both cultures e.g. the principle of professional excellence, commitment to one’s work and the attitude of treating one’s work as worship. These points are already there in our scriptures but they are not found in our practice. This is our problem while the western people put it in practice. We too should put these principles in practice. As far as professional excellence is concerned one should follow the western style. Same holds true for the principles of discipline, commitment to work, etc. These principles are as essential as performing our daily worship. One should willingly adopt these practices.

But where our domestic life is concerned, our Indian family values are better. Hence we can have a combination of the best from both cultures by doing so which we will become more enriched. Certain good points that are found in our culture are missing from the western life-style while there are certain good points about their life-style which are missing from our lives. Whether an individual is born an Indian or a westerner he should retain whatever is good in his culture and borrow good points from the other culture. He will then become a better human being.

Western people who are attracted by Indian spiritualism do not give up their good points like discipline, commitment to work, etc. They only give up the harmful influences of western culture and adopt Indian spiritualism which makes their life more meaningful and complete.

Therefore, it is not that one has to be tied down by either this or that culture. One should decide what is beneficial for one’s self. It is wrong to keep worrying as to what my school or college friends will say. He biggest illness is worrying what others will say about us. Our life is dependent on our decisions. Hence instead of fearing what other people will say, one should use one’s discretionary sense wisely and adopt good points that are found in both cultures.

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