We youth are given so many instructions/rules to follow. Why do we have to follow them? Why can’t we simply enjoy life?

A car has an accelerator and brakes.  If the accelerator does not work you can still do without it but can you drive a car without brakes?  Similarly, the instructions that parents give you are your brakes.  The do’s and don’ts of Dharma (religion) and what is written in our scriptures are truly your brakes.  If you don’t follow them your life saving brakes will fail.

I recently saw a poster at one of the airports abroad.  It said – ‘Follow the rules and enjoy your stay’.  I really liked it.  Such is life.  Enjoy it but follow the guidelines laid down by our Dharma.

Remember, with freedom comes responsibility and unless you are continuously aware of that not only will you harm yourself but also society.

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