Character is everything. People with character make good citizens. And a society of good citizens contributes to building a great nation. Your personality is external, what you look outside but your character is what you intrinsically are.

Character has three aspects
1. Action
2. Thought and
3. Emotion.

Our life is a part of God. And God is an intensified collectivity of ‘sachchidānand‘. (Being, consciousness and joy). The part of being (satta) is action, the part of consciousness (chitta) is knowledge and the part of bliss (ānand) is the spirit or feelings. In other words, action is the part or intrinsic nature of being, knowledge of consciousness and devotion of bliss.

What will be the nature of our action?
Answer. The way we think.

What makes us think in a particular way?
Answer. Our emotions and feelings.

Hence if our feelings are right our thoughts get purified. With the purification of thoughts our actions get purified. Thus with the purification of actions, thoughts and feelings, our character gets purified.

Purity is more important than intelligence in life.

For this purpose, meeting saints, listening to their discourses, listening to the Bhagavat, reading and studying other scriptures and contemplating upon their contents is essential. All that one sees, hears and reads influences one’s individual emotions, thoughts and actions. Through Satsang (exchange of good thoughts) and meeting saintly people, an individual becomes less self-centered and is motivated to work for ‘parmārth‘ (welfare of others). His thoughts will be directed towards the wellbeing of others and his actions will be directed towards service of the people. By doing which not only will he be individually benefited but society and the nation as a whole will be benefited. This will result in the total progress, materially, psychologically and spiritually of the individual, the society and the nation.

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