What happens when Manthra invades our love-filled family? – Article 3.2

The fourth article in the Chaitra month series is a continuation from article 3.1. In the last article 3.1, Pujya Bhaishri discussed how relationships can be maintained on the foundation of love, through the example of Bharati and Ramji.

In this article, Pujya Bhaishri explains what happens if Manthra invades such a divine family based on the foundations of love.

Manthra comes from outside. Manthra was not from Ayodhya. Manthra came from the city of Kaikeyi as Queen Kaikeyi’s maid. She was both old and hump-backed. In the old days, it was tradition that some friends and maids used to be sent with the princess when the princess got married. This was used as an opportunity to allow marriage of these friends and maids also. These maids used to be treated with respect and as friends rather than maids. They used to be young and beautiful.

However, this was not the case with Manthra. Did Kaikeyi’s father not realise this? Why would he therefore want to embarrass himself by sending such a maid to Ayodhya during the marriage of his daughter Kaikeyi?

This is because, the king of Kaikeyi was selfish. During Kaikeyi’s wedding, her father made Dashrathji promise that only her son would be entitled to Ayodhya’s throne. Dashrathji had agreed at the time because the other queens did not have any children.

Kaikeyi’s father sent Manthra because she was intelligent and had the capability of not letting this promise slip, should Dashrathji ever change his mind.

Have you noticed, Manthra only came into action when Ramji’s coronation was announced? Prior to that there has been no mention of her. Thereafter, she instigated Kaikeyi and influenced her negatively to a great extent. This led to Lord Ram going into the forest for fourteen years and separation of the family who suffered great pain as well as sadness in the absence of Lord Ram.

…to be continued…

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