What is life? What is the meaning of it? We take birth and then we ultimately die and again we take birth. I do not understand the real meaning of this cycle.

Life is a gift of God; it is His blessing. Accept it wholeheartedly with love and gratefulness. We have got this human birth by God’s grace so that we may sing his glories. Tulsidasji says “Tan bin bed bhajan nahīn barnā” i.e. our body is an instrument; it is a means for singing the Lord’s glory which is the real purpose of our living. Singing Lord’s glory (bhajan) also includes service to other people. Keep the Lord always in mind as much as possible. View this world as a form of Lord Krishna and serve other people. While serving do not nurse a feeling of obliging them but do it as a fulfilment of your duty.

Life is useless without love. Life’s other meaning is love. Where there is love and surrender, renunciation becomes natural. One does not have to make any special effort for it. It happens automatically. Without love, service and renunciation is not possible. Hence only where there is love, renunciation follows and where there is love and renunciation, service manifests.

Finally, true religion is one, which initiates you into the path of true love. Therefore, religion is fundamental in life. “Dharmena hīna paśubhih samānā.” i.e. A man without religion is an animal.

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