It is good that a person or society lives fearlessly.  It is praiseworthy if a person becomes fearless in all areas.  However, when a person does not fear God or Religion and does as one prefers, speaks anything anyhow as well as acts on anything that comes to mind without thinking wisely, this is a person’s biggest shortcoming.

A person knows, “I am lying, I am doing wrong,” yet one does not stop and does not fear saying or doing wrong.  In the past, a person used to think, “I cannot do anything wrong as God is watching everything “. Thus, people walked on the path of righteousness through equality in what they spoke, thought and did.

Many times, people surrendered to God due to fear and that was a good thing.  Once, one surrenders to God, one will develop love for God automatically.  When love arises, fear runs away by itself.  Then, one will praise God with love and not fear.  This love is self-rule.

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