What is the importance of chanting God’s name at the start in the path of devotion?

One must take the support of name chanting to develop love should they have no love for God and for one in love, there is nothing dearer other than God’s name in this world.  Doesn’t a mother call his son by name all the time because she loves her son so much?

Once, a girl was repeatedly writing God’s name in a book.  Her brother saw this and asked,

“What are you doing sister?”

The sister replied, “I am writing God’s name/ Mantra.”

“What’s the point? You are wasting paper.  Don’t you get fed up of writing the same thing repeatedly?” said the brother.

“One who’s in love does not get fed up.  I love it! It gives me bliss.”

“This is madness! I couldn’t write even one page fully.”

“That’s because you don’t love God.”

Thereafter, the brother got engaged.  He was in his final year of College.  He sat down to write a letter to his fiancé.  As it was his first time, he tore many pages in just trying to address her in the letter.  Not knowing what to write any more, he begun to write his fiancé’s name repeatedly.  His sister saw this and asked him,

“Are you writing a letter? But what have you done?  You’ re only writing your fiancé’s name repeatedly.”

Then the sister gently said, “Don’t you get fed up of writing the same name repeatedly?  You love her and that’s why you do not get fed up.  Similarly, I love God’s name because I love God.”

There is no boredom or tiredness where there is love.  Where there is love, there is interest and due to interest, taking His name and doing His work provides bliss.  God’s name grants love to one who doesn’t love.  Lord Ram cannot be attained without love and who will grant love except Lord Ram?  Hence, Ram’s name is greater than Lord Ram.

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