What is the Ultimate Goal of God in creating all this and infinite universes? Why does He not liberate all the souls in Himself and relax? Why all this Maya?

God’s leela is the basis of the creation of this universe.  Hence, there is no such thing as the ‘Ultimate Goal’.

Children love to play in the sand, building sand castles and then when going home with their parents, break their castles at their own will. Similarly, God, who creates this universe, sustains it and then destroys it. This universe is a result of the will of God. Everything takes place in accordance with His will.  And there will come a time when this universe will be immersed in His own vast entity.

Just as when we are asleep, the world does not exist for us and we forget our joys and tribulations.  Similarly, the Brahman remains in Supreme Bliss, engrossed in its eternal self.

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