Why should we listen to Katha? I am physically present in Katha but not with my mind and I understand it less. What should I do in such a situation?

The simple answer is, listen to Katha daily.

Sadā sevyā sadā sevyā Śrīmad Bhāgavati kathā.

When a child is admitted to school, this is completely new to the child. The school is new for the child whilst for the school, the child is new. So, naturally, the child does not understand anything. Then what is the solution?

The solution is to attend school regularly. If the child goes to school routinely, studies, learns attentively what is being taught, understands it; where it does not understand, the child questions, then slowly, its interest in studies will begin to grow. At the same time, it will start to understand everything.

So, you are new to Katha, you are welcome. I also compliment your good fortune that you have reached here. Slowly you will understand everything and simultaneously, your interest in satsang will continue to grow. These two things happen simultaneously. Through satsang, interest increases, which leads to continuity. Continuity results in increased interest and through this continuity and increased passion, love for satsang increases greatly.

It is said in Shri Ram Charit Manas, in the nine types of devotion to Shabriji:

Pratham bhagati santan kar sangā, dūsrī rati mama kathā prasangā.

Rati means love that grows day by day. It very important that continuity remains.

Wherever in Ram Charit Manas, the word satsang appears, the word ‘always’ has been used with satsang. For example:

Dīp sikhā sama jubati tana, mana jani hosi patanga;

Bhajahi Rām taji kāma mada, karahi sadā satsang.

Bār bār bara māgau harai dehu srīranga, pada saroj anapāyanī bhagati sadā satsang.

Even in Bhagavat we see:

Sadā sevyā sadā sevyā Śrīmad Bhāgavati kathā.

So, the continuity is very necessary. May God bless you that your continuity remains, and this will increase your interest. As interest grows, the continuity will remain and, in this way, slowly, you will understand everything. As you understand what is being said, you will be further inspired to self-study and then it will carry on progressing.

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