What should we do if after much labour and pain we fail in achieving our goal?

Man has the right to work.  The results are not in one’s hands.  You should work with ethics and commitment.  Devotion combined with work will result in ethical and committed Karma yoga, which is the perfect combination of hard work, honesty, selflessness and dedication.

You should work with complete dedication, unceasing labour and great patience.  Despite this, if you are unsuccessful, you might lose heart.  This is because you are more interested in the results than in the sheer joy of working.  God advises us to give up our attachment to the fruits of our work.

Remember, the ultimate goal is already decided.  Man should continue to move towards the attainment of that goal. If love for God is part of our goal, even failure becomes a stepping-stone towards success.  We will never lack for enthusiasm.

You should continue to work diligently with deep-rooted faith in God.  With God’s grace, you are bound to achieve success.  That success will be God’s gift to you and will be truly beneficial.

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