When love is strong between two people and they feel that they can grow together in every way i.e. spiritually, materially, etc. and they want to marry, what should be the main things to consider before taking this step?

Every care must be taken that before the two people marry, they should ensure that their natures and actions or varna are compatible.  It is most likely that this will occur when people marry within their own society and faith. This is not to say that inter-racial or inter-faith marriages will not succeed but it may be said that because of differences in background and nature, there is a higher probability that they might fail.  I would therefore, strongly encourage people who want a successful, long-term marriage that they marry within their own society and faith.

Initially, attraction seems like love but the differences crop up later. Marriages do not last because of these differences.  Marriage is not about the bonding of two bodies.  It is about the bonding of two hearts and two families.

Certain aspects of social behavior need to be reviewed and updated. Rules and regulations are created in society to maintain an order and to benefit the society at large.  However, social rules that are set up in another era are not always relevant for every period of time. Sometimes, these social rules need to be refined and modernized to suit the evolving society.  A society where respect and individuality are lost will not survive and this will lead to chaos.

At the same time one needs to understand that our elders and scholars gave a lot of thought to the institution of marriage. It is not wise to go against them and their views.

Therefore, in summary, the main thing people who are wishing to marry should ensure is that their nature, thoughts and actions are compatible. This will give people the best opportunity for love to blossom between them and their marriage will succeed.

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