When should we perform a Prārthnā (prayer)? Where and why should we do it? Is there a particular day or time appropriate for a Prārthnā?

Prayatnen arthayet yayā sā prārthnā

Meaning, a Prārthnā is a prayer where one asks for something with an earnest desire. However, this desire should not be selfish to fulfil our worldly desires, but for the welfare of others. This is when a Prārthnā is divine. Someone has said that a Prārthnā is a stream of river in a pure heart where God comes and bathes.

Prārthnā should be performed regularly as it expresses gratitude to God for the endless obligations upon us. Every moment of life moves forward due to God’s grace. Hence Prārthnā must be performed regularly.

A Prārthnā can be performed anywhere. It does not necessarily have to be in a temple or at a pilgrimage. The truth is that during a Prārthnā, a heart filled with devotion is the temple and eyes filled with tears of gratitude are the best pilgrimage. When such emotions develop, a heart filled with infinite appreciation for God performs a prayer with a wordless devotional heart. Hence, it is not necessary that a Prārthnā is performed on a particular day or time.

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