Gondal Bhagavat Katha, hosted by Shri Cheteshwar Pujara and family, continues with bliss as well as plenty of rain on day 2. Pujya Bhaishri talked about what is prime in Bhagavat and who is fortunate.

Bhāgavat contains the stories of devotees. Thus, it is called Bhāgavat. It is only due to the talks of devotees in Bhāgavat that you see God’s talk in it. The story of Prahlad led to the Lord Narsimha’s Katha; you see Shri Hari’s Katha in it because of Dhruva’s story; you see the story of Gajendra in it – in order to save Gajendra, Shri Hari arrived thus we see discuss regarding Shri Hari. Where there is talk of the devotees of Vraj and Gopis, Lord Krishna will have to come.

Hence we talk about God due to the stories of devotees. This is why you hear some saints (sant) say that the talks of devotees are prime in Shrimad Bhāgavat. Should discussion on God have been dominant, then this scripture would have been called Bhagavat Puran and not Bhāgavat Puran.

Pujya Bhaishri then enlightened all on where Dharma lives when there is no incarnation of God on earth. When God is present on earth in his incarnated form, Dharma is in His refuge. However, in the absence of an incarnation, Dharma resides in the characters of spiritual leaders and saints (sant).

Those you have received the refuge of a spiritual leader are fortunate. Tulsidasji says that there is no other happiness than the association of saints. Satsang is the ultimate wealth of devotees. Blessed is that time which is spent in satsang. Dharma lives in the character of spiritual leaders and saints.

The greatest fortune is when you take refuge in a saint and the saint accepts you.

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