Why are Lord Shankar and Parvati considered as the ideal couple? We see many women observing fasts to worship Maa Parvati. I have heard that Parvatiji is the luckiest lady on earth as she is beloved to Lord Shiv. What does all this mean?

In Gujarati weddings, I have seen that when the wedding rituals have taken place and the bride and groom have been declared husband and wife, the other married ladies will whisper in the ears of the newly married couple,”Shiv Parvati nu saubhāgya“, meaning, may you be as successful as Lord Shiv and Parvati in your married life”.

One thing to note with the couple of Lord Shiv and Parvati is that Lord Shiv is unborn. Hence he is also immortal. However, Parvatiji took birth and then also leaves the body. Sati was born. She then destroyed her body in the pyre of fire of Yagya her father Daksha was performing. At the time of leaving her body, she asked Lord Narayan for a boon that may she attain love for Lord Shiv in every birth. “May Lord Shiv be my husband in every birth.” Lord Shiv had renounced Sati prior to this as we know from Shiv Katha.

In Ramayan, a list of strengths and weaknesses of women have been described. Similarly, there is a list of strengths and weaknesses of men. Generally, we believe that men are brave. In actual fact, women are more brave. Men will think before they use their bravery. Women will apply their bravery without thinking of any consequences. One of the weaknesses of women is lies whilst one of the weaknesses of men is women.

Hence, we see Sati lying to Lord Shiv in Shiv Charitra Katha. Women are fearful as much as they are brave. This is a true irony. Women lie out of fear. Due to the lies, Lord Shiv renounced His relationship with Sati. Despite this, Sati did not complain nor was she angry with Lord Shiv.

There was a Yagya at her father’s but she had no invitation. Sati had the expectation of being invited. She was upset that her husband had not been invited. Sati still considers Lord Shiv as her husband. She was upset that the Yagya had been organised to insult Lord Shiv so she wanted to go and check for herself. See how much in love Sati is with Lord Shiv?

She asked for permission from Lord Shiv but Lord Shiv did not agree as he knew the consequences were bleak. Sati tried to convince Lord Shiv saying it is her father and we must let go as they are our elders. Sati did not argue. However, Sati was restless. Lord Shiv understood that Sati desperately wanted to go. So, Lord Shiv permitted her to go and Sati confirmed if Lord Shiv was ok with that.

Lord Shiv organised for Sati to go. He sent Nandi with her and warned him to be careful as anything could happen there. See how much Lord Shiv still loves Sati despite renouncing the husband-wife relationship!

In addition, despite Lord Shiv renouncing this relationship, Sati asks to attain Lord Shiv in every birth. What an ideal couple! Nowadays, this would have led to court notices and divorce. Women have gained independence but they need to recognise their strength!

So, Sati could not tolerate her husband’s insult at her father’s home. She quarrelled with her father. “How dare you insult my husband this way and hold this Yagya?”  Then we know Sati burnt her body and was born as Parvati again at Himachal as his daughter.

Thereafter, she performed extremely tough penance to attain Lord Shiv. See the love! This explains why they are an ideal couple. This is why the words of Lord Shiv and Parvati’s ideal marriage are uttered in a wedding. Parvati married Lord Shiv again and this cycle continues.

Lord Shiv wears a necklace of severed human heads/skulls. Whose heads are these? Those that are found in a crematorium? No. These are skulls of all the times Parvati has been born and left her body.

Sati is born and dies repeatedly. She marries Lord Shiv repeatedly.

This is why Lord Shiv and Parvati are the ideal couple.

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