Why do we believe in worshipping the trees and other beings as if they are God?

Who is God? This entire existence is God whereas what we see but is not real is illusion. Love for the existence, which is moving or still, is devotion. This is why a devotee worships trees, plants, mountains and rivers. This is love with a compassionate heart.

When we want a Tulsi leaf to worship Lord Narayan, we should worship Tulsiji and ask for forgiveness before plucking the leaf. This is compassion in devotion. Thus, in our scriptures there is an explanation of how a flower or leaf should be picked or a tree cut if it is necessary for the worship of God.

Even when a doctor wants a medicinal plant or part of plant, there is a process to follow. The plant or part of the plant is picked at the time when its strength is greatest. Is it true that plants have power?

Compare it to yourself and you will understand. Do you feel energised at certain times and tired at other times? Let us take sleep as an example. Two hours of deep sleep at night helps one feel refreshed even if one sleeps for less hours overall. These two hours are specific for every individual. However, if these two hours are disturbed, even if one sleeps for eight hours, one will not be refreshed.

Similarly, plants have a peak time of their highest strength, which is when they are picked. This is Ayurveda. Hence Ayurveda is linked to Vedas.

Look at the harmony with mother nature. There was compassion demonstrated toward other beings. The medicinal plant was only cut at the right time for the purpose of saving lives and after asking for forgiveness. Nowadays otherwise, we see experiments being performed on animals without their permission or desire.

In the third canto in Bhagavat, you will read how life progresses. The consciousness began with plants and trees. It was after a long time scientists found that plants contain life. Our scriptures had written this a long time ago. This is why our Rishis were known as dedicated scientists.

Look, what you eat from your mouth makes the fluid and blood in your body. This fluid flows downwards to the rest of the body. Whereas, trees and plants drink from the foot. The fluid flows upwards to all branches. This proves that there is life in plants.

We sit in the shade of these trees. Similarly, in our households, we have parents or grandparents whose shade we sit under. They maintain relationships and prevent them from breaking. Once this pillar of mother or father leaves the earth, everything breaks. This is why we give so much importance to relationships.

When I am present in this body in this world, then I am connected to everybody, not just my family. I am connected to my friends, society, country and world.

Assume for a moment that aliens have attacked our country. All countries will unite to fight back. The same people, races and countries who fight amongst themselves will unite.

Thus, remember my relationship is with all humans. Not only that, it is also with other beings, plants etc. For example, if the creatures residing in soil die, farmers and plants will suffer. We will lack nutritious food. Hence everything is part of our existence. A slight disturbance in this existence for example affects the entire existence and can lead to a great downfall.

In summary, God is present in all. Love for other beings is devotion and hence we worship all.

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