We have believed our true relationship with the world with which in reality, we have no relationship with. On the other hand, we do not think or concentrate on God who we are truly related to. We do not develop love for God. This is due to ignorance. Hence, to end this darkness of ignorance we pray to God.

It is a Sadguru who is capable of removing this darkness. This is why we need a Guru. Guru is that light which helps us remove the darkness of ignorance.

We are roaming in darkness of ignorance and mis-trust in which we cannot see clearly, leading to clashes such as those between races, countries and different views. This then causes distress in our lives.

In this path of darkness, give your hand trustfully to that Guru who can see the correct path. Guru will guide you. Guru is the form of light. There is no darkness for the Guru who can see us and our path. We cannot see in this darkness but we can hear him. Our ears work in darkness. Listen attentively.

Lord Krishna is Jagatguru (the Guru of this world). He is in the form of Shrimad Bhagavat and our scriptures.  Hence our scripture is our Guru. Our Guru will guide us in removing the ignorance and recognise our true relationships.

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