Why is journalist, Katha narrator and artist so important to the society? What qualities must they have?

A journalist, katha narrator and artist are a mirror to the society.

The writings of a journalist, the speech of a katha narrator and the art presented by an artist – the society sees its image in this.

The society will only see the image in this mirror clearly when the mirror itself is clean. Therefore, these three must be pure internally, i.e. they must be without lust and hatred, not be under the influence of any greed, e.g. I will get more money or fame through my good work or pleasing someone, in particular.

These three can make true the quote of Satyam (Truth), Shivam (Supreme Being), Sundaram (Beauty); so a journalist worships truth, a Kathakar worships the Lord and an artist worships beauty.

All of them must be like a clean mirror and show the society it’s true image.

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