Why is there frustration, unhappiness and pain in life and relationships? – Part 1

Expectation is the cloth that covers ego/ arrogance. The larger your ego or affection for the body, the larger your expectations. Where there is expectation, there is frustration. When things do not go or happen according to your expectations, you get frustrated.

Let me tell you one thing: everyone is important and perfect. You don’t need to make anyone or anything perfect. Perfect yourself. The entire world and existence is complete. We do not need to improve anything in it. We only need to be careful that we do not ruin anything in it. Otherwise nature itself knows how to make its own amendments.

Look at your body as an example. As soon as it has an illness, it fights to heal the body. Mahatma Gandhiji never took any medicines. He would fast so that the body can fight with the energy preserved from digesting food. A body falls ill due to our doings. Even then the body is co-operative. It tries to recover itself.

Look at life from this perspective and accept with positivity. This way, you will have no expectation, just acceptation.

Accept the individual as they are. After accepting, decide if you want to keep a relationship. The world is extraordinary.

To some, the world is queer. This comment includes a complaint as well as amazement. Whereas, ‘The world is extraordinary’; this statement includes acceptance.

So, if salt is salty, should we throw it? No, it is needed. However, learn how to use it in the right way and right quantity.

There is no word that is not a mantra; there is no plant that is not a medicine and there is no person who is not deserving in this world. What is difficult is that person who can utilise and behave with these in the right way. One who learns this trick has known the art of life.

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