Why should we end our day with reading? Advise from Pujya Bhaishri in the Rajkot Book Fair

­Pujya Bhaishri attended the last day of the book fair held in Rajkot by Saurashtra University and Rajkot Municipal Corporation from 9th to 13th February 2019. Pujya Bhaishri was invited as the chair on the day. Also present in the book fair were: Shri Bhupendnasinh Chudasama, Cabinet Education Minister of Gujarat, Shri Bhikudanbhai Gadhvi, literator, Shri Binaben Acharya, the president of the event and Mayor of Rajkot, Dr. Nitinbhai Pethani, VC of Saurashtra University and several other dignitaries.

The cause of suicide for books: mobile phones

At the start of his speech, Pujya Bhaishri described the state of books. He said that books have committed suicide in the cupboard of a house and wrote in a letter prior to committing suicide that the cause of its suicide is mobile phones. When phones were connected with wires, humans were free whereas wireless phones have bound humans. This way, Pujya Bhaishri sarcastically said how humans have become slaves of mobile phones.

Pujya Bhaishri explained his love of books by saying that he always travels with a bag of books. Many people have suggested that I keep a kindle but the feeling of a book is not in a kindle.

I say in my kathas that our body may have all the senses but without a heart and intellect, our life will be like a vegetable. Our body a house. Most Indians, especially in Saurashtra have a small temple in their house in which the woman of the house lights a lamp and begins her day with worship every morning. This is our tradition and culture.

When I am invited to someone’s house, I will light a lamp in the temple of the house and then cast my eyes on whether the house has a library. The temple is the heart, but is there a brain in the house? Every house must contain a library. Otherwise, just like a person would be brain dead without a brain, similarly, a house without a library looks dead.

Where do we fail in our day?

Pujya Bhaishri requested all that were present by saying that we start our day well with our heart by worshipping our God in our temple but we are failing in one area which is why people are more tensed and diseases are on the rise. This is because we end our day with electronic gadgets. But I want you to say that start the day with worship in the temple, then you can spend your entire day using your mobile phone, but if you implement a rule to end your day with a book, then you will save yourself from many illnesses and problems.

Just like a child embraces the parent in the evening on returning from work, the books in the library will be eager to see you even though we cannot see this. Otherwise books will commit suicide. Let us be addicted to books such that we are not at peace without reading for an hour at night. Believe me, there are many benefits of this.

I am the person you see due to books. We can all confidently say that there are many books which have prevented people from committing suicide. Sometimes people can get negative thoughts and be in dilemmas. At that time, just like electricity charges a mobile, a book will charge a person. Then a person will fight in life enthusiastically. Even in Gita, Lord Krishna says that every moment in life is a struggle. In fact, even our breaths are a struggle and fight to keep us alive. Then Lord Krishna says that remember me and fight.

Books: our best friend

If you look at a book from a farmer’s perspective, then, some books will cultivate, some get the land ready to plant seeds, some grow excellent thoughts and quotes, some destroy weeds, some nurture the Seed grown in you, some develop you by enlightening you like the sun’s light and some flower your plant, i.e. your thoughts. Thereafter, there will come a time when through books, you will attain food in the form of seeds which sustain life. Our Upanishads consider food as the form of God. Thus we will reach God. Books will take us to this experience.

There is no better friend than a book. This friend is ready whenever you have time so talk to your friend.

At the end, Pujya Bhaishri encouraged all and expressed his appreciation for such an organisation. He said that gatherings and normal fairs end but one that continues is worship. This is the worship of Maa Saraswati thus it will continue.

Many people ask me that what have you gained by narrating Katha? I say,” You know what has been gained but I have lost plenty by losing my hours to be able to read. Thus, I read in the breaks I get in between Katha.”

Thus, keep the company of books and your life will progress well.

Should you practically implement what I am saying, then I can confidently tell you ” Read good books for one hour daily and you will see what a huge revolution it will bring in your life.”

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