– Inspiration by Pujya Bhaishri on ‘World Water Day’ 

Water is Life and for all of existence to survive and thrive, water needs to be valued as both a vital resource and a source of inspiration for how to truly live Life! 

Pujya Bhaishri Rameshbhai Oza shares the Seven Life Lessons worth learning from Water in this video

#1: Fluidity – Taraltā
#2 : Simplicity – Saraltā
#3 : Coolness – Śītaltā 
#4 : Purity – Nirmaltā
#5 : Momentum – Gatiśīltā
#6 : Sweetness – Madhurtā
#7 : Lightness – Halkāpaṇa

Living with purpose – applied learnings from Water

All seven of these qualities are interlinked for only one who is filled with compassion is liquid and fluid (rather than solid) and this compassion is what grants simplicity. Innate simplicity is what imparts the cooling factor to one’s speech and self and this in turn is the true mark of purity. 

To maintain one’s innate purity, one must remain in momentum- flowing on towards the goal, overcoming all obstacles as water does simply by flowing on and clearing itself. Water which has all of these qualities but lacks sweetness does not truly grant satisfaction when quenching thirst and this is made possible by water which is light and not heavy and difficult to digest.

The connection of Water to both taste and speech

‘Understand the value of both water and speech and do not waste either- utilise both well’, urges Pujya Bhaishri. The subtle element (tanmātrā) of water gives rise of the sensory organ of the tongue; which is the only sense organ to play both roles- that of action (speech) and of knowledge (taste). Thus, one who has mastered the tongue has mastered all. The Śrimad Bhāgavatam says,

तावज्जितेन्द्रियो न स्याद् विजितान्येन्द्रिय: पुमान् ।
न जयेद् रसनं यावज्जितं सर्वं जिते रसे ॥ २१ ॥
tāvaj jitendriyo na syād
vijitānyendriyaḥ pumān
na jayed rasanaṁ yāvaj
jitaṁ sarvaṁ jite rase

‘Although one may conquer all of the other senses, as long as the tongue is not conquered it cannot be said that one has controlled his senses. However, if one is able to control the tongue, then one is understood to be in full control of all the senses.’ (SB 11.8.21)

Thirst and Satisfaction- the eternal relevance of Water

For as long as thirst exists, water never loses its relevance. Similarly, for as long as there is aspiration for a divine and excellent life, association with Truth shall remain relevant. ‘Karahiṃ sadā satsaṃga’ (always perform satsaṃga).

Water is visible but the power within it to quench our thirst is not. So too does the Lord permeate all of this entire creation. Every element has its own unseen force (śaktī) within it- the Earth upholds; Water satisfies; Fire burns and illumines; Wind moves to and fro; whilst Ether pervades.There is nothing more soft and supple than water; yet due to its momentum towards its goal, it carves its path even out of mountains. Keep progressing towards the Goal! In the Śrimad Bhāgavatam, the flow of devotion has been compared to the flow of Gaṅgā as ‘tīvreṇa bhakti yogena’.

Water Protection Key to Survival 

The majority of the surface of earth is covered with water. Our human bodies (born of earth) are also similarly composed. When water levels drop in the body, it weakens due to dehydration and may even die. To save planet Earth as well as ourselves, save water. To exploit the one who has nurtured us is a sin.

We experience weakness and dehydration when the water quotient of our body is diminished. As the sources of water on this planet Earth dwindle, She too shall weaken. Thus, utilise water bodies wisely and increase efforts to harvest rain water. Water is Life- only if there is water, is there a tomorrow! 

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