Four Meritorious Deeds for Imperishable Results

What are the numerous benefits, rewards and imperishable merits that one may reap, by making a charitable contribution on the auspicious lunar date called ‘Akṣaya Tṛtīya’?

Medicinal Donation (Auśadī Dāna)

Source: Varāha Purāṇa:
One who pledges to provide facilities or vital requirements for the ill, unhappy or those seeking shelter; such as, medicine, oxygen, ventilator, etc—during an epidemic or distressed times of one’s country,receive the merit of carrying out a 1000 aśvamedha yajñás. 

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Donation of: Gold (Suvarṇa Dāna)

Source: ‘Vidhāna Pārijāta’
One who dons or proffers to the Lord, golden ornaments such as a signet ring (mudrikā); Bangles; Earrings; a Crown; Necklace (choker or full-length), attains ShriHari’s matchless love, radiance, form, happiness and ultimate peace. 
Note: A husband and wife will enjoy ever-growing mutual love and loyalty in their relationship. 

Donation of: Transportation (Ratha Dāna)

Source: ‘Caturvarga Cintāmaṇi’ 
One who gifts their worshipped deity or Lord ShriHari a silver chariot, reaps the benefit of their business or livelihood gaining momentum at the swift speed of a horse; and attains the excellent reddish-hued radiance, speed and vigour of the Lord of the Universe, the Sun-God, upon the horizon at dawn. 

Donation of: Hermitage Amenities (Āśrama Dāna)

Source: ‘Vidhāna Pārijāta’
One who grants land for a hermitage or an educational institute; constructs an excellent structure to practice meditation, for study or lectures, and beautifies it in various ways; donates useful things—or a house—related to, and for the development of, the 64 arts; provides a counselling chamber; provides a machine for pure drinking water; or water storage facilities; or provides a suitable residence for saints;or a guest house for travellers; or a general building for other people; gifts the sacred sandals (pādukā), shoes, an umbrella, loincloth, clothes, fuel (such as gas/ cow dung/ wood, etc) for resident students, saints and scholars, reaps the fruit of all forms of enjoyment, as well as the merit of 1000 aśvamedha yajñás (happiness in the afterlife). 
Meanwhile, in this very life one attains an excellent wife; or a noble husband, respectively. Ultimately, one attains a place in Lord Viṣṇu’s and Lord Śiva’s worlds, after attaining and enjoying the best joys in the material world (saṃsāra).

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#Did-You-Know—Offering cooling sandalwood paste and fragrant flowers to the Lord holds special significance in this hot season and a special ‘Chandan Manorath’ is held every year at Shri Hari Mandir. 
*️⃣ This is also the only day in the year in temples around the world where the Lord’s Lotus feet can be viewed by all.

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Svadhyay Prasaad from Acharya Hiteshbhai Pathak and Rishi Dhavalbhai Joshi

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